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"Hey, kids, rock and roll--that's how I lost control."

omg--this place is like, sooo dead!

Subject: Beginnings
Title: “Hey, kids, rock and roll—that’s how I lost control.”
Word Count: 100 words
Characters/Pairings: Duncan/Murbella
Author's Notes: I haven’t read the books in sooo long, sorry if I mess stuff up, but I was in the mood for D/M, ‘cause it’s yummy. I did reread some passages, though! Title is lyrics from Aimee Allen’s “Revolution”.

I lost control. This is the result.

“Ahhh!” the first child wants to rip out of my belly.
“Be calm, Murbella. You know the breathing—“
“This is your fault, Duncan Idaho! I’m not a breeder!” All. His. fault.

I love his body. It infuriates me. As the child is born in wide spaces of invisibility, I hope it looks like Duncan.

“Holy Rock of Dur! I’m going to kill you, Duncan!”
He smiles at me.

Maybe it’s hormones, but I hate that I let them take my baby away--sleepy face, wispy black hair--

Duncan doesn’t seem to care.
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