Fezzes are cool (rawthorne) wrote in dune100,
Fezzes are cool

first attempt

Title: Only a dream
Word Count: 100 words
Characters/Pairings: the twins
Author's Notes: Ghanima’s relationship with her brother as he transforms; a bleak outlook of their broken bond.

I’m thankful I sleep alone. Justifying this to my consort would be complicated. I know where I must go.

In his ominous chamber, I wait for him to speak.

“In my dream,” he begins, “you kissed me…”

“You’re my husband and brother, I…” I curse the visions that remind him of what he is denied.

“I was your lover!” he snaps. “I know it was only a dream,” he adds, regretfully. “But I wish that it were true…”

I’ll sleep here again tonight and I’ll finally be able to give him what he wants.

Because… in my dream, he dies.
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