Alatariel Táralóm (dawn_m) wrote in dune100,
Alatariel Táralóm

Challenge # 1: The Beginning

It seems appropriate that the first entry into this community would be a BEGINNINGS. Any sort of beginning as it relates (in whatever way you think!) to the Dune series.\

Have fun!
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So are we supposed to make a short story.....? Im kinda confused XD
It's basically a drabble. You write 100 words relating in whatever way you want to the topic.

I can show you some Harry Potter examples, if you'd like?
that'd be helpful :)
so it's fanfic only? or can we just ramble on about a ceratin dune topic for 100 words? sorry, I'm not really sure what 'drabble' means.
From what I've seen they've mostly been fanfiction.
I'm not sure what it means we write it in a new post or in reply to the challenge? because I just wrote one and I don't know what to do with it, lol.
Ah! yes, new post. Sorry.

For some examples, you can see like-minded communities: hp100 is one example.