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dune100's Journal

The Saga of Dune Is Far From Over
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New challenges are posted on Thursdays of every week (no set time!). You can post pretty much anything you like, but keep in mind that there is no way to control age restrictions. So please, anything that would be considered NC17 or a hard R should be cut with a warning label.

No off-topic posts are allowed. That means no advertising your community or questions (direct your questions to the mod dawn_m).

Posts should look like this:

Subject: Title of Drabble. (If multiple drabbles posted, list all titles like One / Two / Three.)

Title: Title of drabble
Word Count: 100 words
Characters/Pairings: This is pretty explanatory.
Author's Notes: Anything else you have to say. Any subject warnings.

Body of drabble goes here.

a] Posts should be one hundred words in length.
b] You can only post a response to the current challenge. There may be back challenge weeks.
c] No crossovers unless specified in the challenge.
d] Try to stay away from Original Characters. There are QUITE a lot of characters in the DUNE series that you can use. Some are only names. If you must, use one of them.
e] Certain challenges might have extra/different guidelines. They will be explained in the post.
f] Please cut your drabbles if you post more than two at a time, leaving the header information out of the cut.

If your post does not meet these requirements, it may be deleted without warning.

This is an open membership community. There is no need to post for every drabble every week, unless you want to. You won't be removed if you don't post every week.